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Our mission To develop, sustain, and nurture healthy bonds between animals and people.
COVID-19 Impact
COVID-19, You, and Pets

COVID-19, You, and Pets

One Health Organization

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About us One Health Organization provides access to veterinary care through financial assistance to low-income older adults and people with disabilities. It is the only organization in Northeast Ohio dedicated to supporting the unique family bond between people and their pets. Through the Voucher-based Family Benefit Program, Northeast Ohio older adults and those with disabilities living at or below 200% of the current federal poverty rate apply for Vouchers worth up to $250 per year, which helps offset basic veterinary care for their pets. Veterinary care is provided by 33 Veterinary Partners, which are reimbursed after Vouchers are remitted with proof of services rendered. One Health Organization also provides information about affordable pet-related services on its website (, which includes a comprehensive list of Northeast Ohio veterinary clinics and a COVID-19 webpage. Additionally, One Health Organization explores opportunities with other entities toward making veterinary care affordable and accessible for more pet parents. The vision of organizational leadership is to eventually create a space to provide comprehensive services for vulnerable pet-owning populations in the Greater Cleveland-area to fill unmet needs.