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Our mission P.A.L.S. for Healing (Paper. Art Therapy. Letting Go. Self-Actualization) nonprofit organization seeks to empower individuals and families who have suffered trauma or loss to not only regain their lives but achieve their highest human potential. We provide cutting edge trauma-informed therapies for individuals and families including art therapy, EMDR and SITCAP. We also provide education and training for professionals and community helpers empowering them to advocate and help those who have suffered trauma and/or loss achieve optimal health.
COVID-19 Impact Data
Volunteer hours lost 0.0
Financial loss $194,250

PALS for Healing

Items we need now

Sanitization and Therapy Supplies

To continue to serve high-risk clients at 3 offices and via TeleMental Health safely we are in need of supplies. We and our friends and family are constantly scouring stores for them and could use any help!
  1. Lysol spray/fabric sanitizer spray for art therapy supplies, chairs, and masks
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Clorox/Lysol surface cleaner used for surfaces and EMDR equipment, door handles, etc.
  4. 4 plexiglass desk shields would be amazing!
  5. Individual packs of crayons or colored pencils
  6. Reams of paper
  7. Quart and Gallon Ziplock Bags for art therapy kits for home TeleMental Health and to use in the office to reduce possible cross-contamination
  • Item Collection
  • Wishlist – Amazon, etc
About us We are front line mental health specialists in trauma and loss and the traumatic stress and grief of this pandemic are just starting. We have a waitlist of clients when funding is shrinking, we went from $5, 217 in free/reduced services March-April 2019 to $10,508. We offer Telemental Health for 60% of our clients including art kits so they can fully engage. While we have high-risk clients needing in-person sessions due to lack of confidentiality and/or insecure living conditions due to domestic violence, LGTBQIA not out, living in shelter, foster care and/or not having internet access. Our fully encrypted services can also hold group services to combat the stress of COVID-19, continue engagement with others, and build a sense of agency and support under quarantine conditions with a licensed mental health professional. But we need your help!