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Our mission To welcome all to our music and arts community to learn, create, inspire and heal.
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The Power of Music - Connecting and Healing

The Power of Music - Connecting and Healing

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The Music Settlement

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Education has come a long way since Sir Isaac Pitman initiated the first distance education course in the early 1840s. The one-size-fits-all educational approach of the past is being transformed as a result of changing worldwide dynamics.  Regardless of these changing dynamics, however, one true constant remains – the power and importance of music.  For… See full description
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About us The Music Settlement (TMS) is a 108-year-old community music school in University Circle forged out of the Settlement movement with the goal of bringing the rich and the poor of society together in both physical proximity and social connectedness. It was founded in 1912 by Almeda Adams, The Fortnightly Music Club, and prominent Clevelanders, including the Blossom, Drury, Ferris, Otis, and Mather families. Built on the ideals of inclusiveness and opportunity for all using music as the common language, TMS is now one of the largest community music schools in the country, having grown from its foundation of music instruction to also offering early childhood education (one of the most respected programs in Cleveland) and music therapy services (nationally acclaimed). In 2018, TMS expanded its mission with the construction of a second campus in the near west side Ohio City neighborhood. TMS is literally and figuratively bridging our past to our future while connecting Cleveland’s east and west sides. For over a century, TMS has held true to our Founder’s original intent of “being a place for both children and wage earners, giving talented, but impoverished students financial aid and scholarships” to receive the highest-quality music and arts programs and services. Through our three Centers – Center for Music, Center for Early Childhood, and Center for Music Therapy – and our Bop Stop performance venue, TMS caters to a diverse clientele that spans a lifetime. From children as young as three-weeks-old to retired adults and veterans, TMS is improving the quality of life for all those it serves. Our Center for Music delivers first-class music instruction in a variety of musical styles in private lessons, ensembles, and performance opportunities; our Center for Early Childhood is a top-rated 5-Star "Step Up To Quality" program that uses music and the arts in Preschool, Day School, Kindergarten, and summer camps; and our Center for Music Therapy utilizes specially designed music-based interventions to impact the lives of children and adults living with a variety of challenges. Now, having cast a wider net of those we can serve through our expansion into Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhoods, we have expanded our mission to meet the needs of even more community members throughout Northeast Ohio, with focus on the underserved and low-income members, through increased outreach and community engagement efforts. At our historic University Circle location, we have built a strong foundation of supporting communities of economically-disadvantaged families. We serve more than 9,000 children and adults annually, regardless of ability to pay. A large component of our students and clients are served by our Music and Music Therapy Centers through partnerships with community organizations, such as those focused on social service, education, healthcare, rehabilitation and other needs of the members of our community. In 2019, we awarded nearly $500,000 in financial assistance across all three Centers, with a significant portion distributed to families in our Center for Music Therapy. Not surprisingly, there is a greater need within our Center for Music Therapy due to the financial responsibilities associated with individuals with developmental, emotional, physical, or behavioral challenges.