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Our mission Since 2000, The Musical Theater Project (TMTP) has fostered a deep appreciation of the American musical—and the cultural and social history that surrounds it—through programs that educate and entertain people of all ages.
COVID-19 Impact Data
Volunteer hours lost 5,000.0
Financial loss $119,721
COVID-19 Data Details
Type of lost Amount Date Description
$ Event Fundraising16777May 2020Benefit Income
$ Furloughed Staff12890March 2020Teaching Artists
$ Program Revenue15504April-May 2020Kids Love Musicals! Fees
Volunteer Hours Lost5000Mar-May 2020Concert Task Forces
$ Other Fundraising7000April-May 2020Concert Sponsorships
$ Program Revenue39300April-August 2020Ticket Revenue
$ Other Fundraising13250April-May 2020Grant Support
$ Other Fundraising15000April-May 2020Membership Contributions

The Musical Theater Project

Ways to help

Captioning for Distance Learning Videos

We need someone to transcribe and upload captions for videos created for our first distance learning curriculum. Videos are hosted on YouTube, but their automated captioning is insufficient.
  • 12-15, 16-18, Adults (18+), 55+
  • One-time, Ongoing
  • Anytime
  • Virtual, Indoor, Tech Support, Writing, Note Writing, Skills-based, Project-based
About us To explore the importance of musical theater, TMTP: PRODUCES original programs drawing from 100 years of stage and screen musicals INSPIRES multi-generational audiences to rediscover this uniquely American art form PRESERVES the significant contributions of musical theater artists We broadly serve the greater Cleveland community (and beyond) through concerts, radio broadcasts, recordings, and in-school artist residency programs.