Max: Another ACC Success Story

Meet Max.  He’s almost six and has been coming to the Achievement Centers for Children in Westlake for physical therapy since before he can remember.  Max has spina bifida, a genetic spinal cord issue which affects the strength and balance in his legs.  As an infant, he had trouble crawling and was referred to the Achievement Centers where he met therapist, April Nesbit, who has worked with him ever since.

April sets up ninja courses and penguin races and other creative activities to motivate Max to use his muscles in a variety of ways.  Max loves these games and looks forward to his visits with, “Miss April.”

Max has more than exceeded his parent’s expectations and, in this video, he shows off some of his skills.  When his mother, Katie, asked him to run for the camera, Max glowingly said, “I can run like the Flash!”  Well, Max is one of our many superheroes.  We’re proud of you, Max!

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