Parvo Puppies

When Thor, Creed, Ocean and Beauty came to the Cleveland APL in need last week, they were very, very sick and in need of immediate care. The client who brought them to us had gotten them, along with their mother, from a family member. These little pups were getting sicker as time went by. They had diarrhea, and had stopped eating and drinking.  Their owner did not have the money to care for the puppies so he brought them to us.  Our veterinary team suspected—and a quick test confirmed—that these puppies had parvovirus (parvo).

Parvo is a life threatening viral disease that needs to be treated with ICU and quarantine care. It is a highly contagious virus that, without proper care, is potentially deadly.  Thankfully, our team was ready and able to help.

The four puppies immediately received medication and IV fluids. After six days of care, we are happy to report that all the puppies are on the road to recovery. These pups had a dedicated team of caregivers at the APL who made sure they had everything they needed: food, medication, a clean kennel, and lots of love, all while in a quarantine environment required by their parvo diagnosis.

Please know we are committed to continuing the Cleveland APL’s mission-critical work for animals and people during this unprecedented time.

Our Second Chance Program, which is funded solely by donations, is what we use to provide medical care for injured and ill animals.

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